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Rely on Seckman Pest Control for Effect Ladybug Control

Seckman Pest Control LLC offers Little Hocking, Ohio and all of Washington County homeowners, landlords, and business owners quality pest control. Ladybugs are a blessing in gardens and fields because they eat plant-eating insects that destroy crops. When those plant-eating insects make their way into your home, ladybugs follow shortly after. Insects follow food sources, and wherever they find food and shelter, they will make a home and family. The pest control experts at Seckman Pest Control LLC understand ladybug behavior and habits. Call us at (304) 863-0042 to eliminate ladybugs and other pests, including:
  • · Wasps
  • · Gnats
  • · Indian Mill Moths
  • · Box Elder Bogs
  • · Ticks
  • · Deer Mice
  • · House Mice
  • · Rats
  • And More!

Most Ladybug Species Do Not Pose a Health Threat

While ladybugs are unwelcome visitors in Little Hocking, Ohio, most species do not pose a health threat to humans. But the Asian lady beetle has aggravated asthma, and caused allergic reactions. Ladybugs exude a yellow, foul-smelling defensive fluid that may stain whatever it comes in contact with. You can avoid experiencing potential health problems and stains with the help of Seckman Pest Control.

Trust Seckman Pest Control to Rid Your Home of Ladybugs

Ladybugs usually seek a warm, comfortable place to hide out in during the colder months of the year. Ladybugs find their way inside through an open door, cracks or openings around windows, plumbing, and utility lines. You usually do not see them in Little Hocking, Ohio, though, until the weather turns warmer. If you have a large ladybug infestation, rely on Seckman Pest Control LLC to take care of it.
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