Rodent Infestation

in Washington, WV

Rely on Seckman Pest Control LLC for Your Home Rodent Infestation

When you have a rodent infestation in Washington, WV, and surrounding areas, make the call to Seckman Pest Control LLC. Deer mice, house mice, rats, and many others are sneaky creatures. Many times, they will make their way into your house.
Count on our team to kick them out with excellent treatment options. We know these creatures can be scary, and can create in your home. Give us a call today for an appointment at (304) 863-0042 to get rid of these unwanted visitors.

Rodents Leave a Mess on Your Property and Food Supplies

Mice can make their way through your home, and create a complete mess. If you have seen droppings or holes around your food, or important documents, do not wait. That is when you should contact us for pest control. What you need to know about rodents is that they are rapid breeders. They they infiltrate rooms, attics, garages, sheds, basements, and any other space they can squeeze through.

Count on Our Trusted and Affordable Rodent Control Services

Seckman Pest Control LLC knows how to keep these mice and rats away, and offer effective and affordable services. Do not allow the health risks and additional damage to overcome your home or business. Our qualified technicians have the tools and expertise to take care of your rodent infestation. Reach our team today to run rodents from your home. We can provide emergency services.

Preventing Mice and Rat Infestations in Your Home

There are some preventative measures homeowners and business owners can do before rodents become a problem. You should keep your home clean, and keep food and crumbs away from rodents. Seal dry goods like cereal in metal or glass containers to prevent contamination. Store fruits and vegetables properly, and never leave them in sinks or on counters. Mice and rats are attracted to cardboard objects, chewing them up for use in their nests.
Contact us regarding a rodent infestation in Washington, WV, and the rest of our service area.