Termite Extermination

in Washington, WV

Count on Seckman Pest Control LLC for Termite Extermination

For quality termite extermination in Washington, WV, and beyond, trust the experts at Seckman Pest Control LLC. Are you noticing major damage to your home’s structure? Termites are small but mighty pests on your property, causing some serious damage. Make sure you have an experienced exterminator to get the job done.
Our exterminators have over 30 years of experience providing expert termite extermination for homeowners. Our pest control team uses excellent tools, including the Termidor Termite Treatment System. That helps us give you the peace of mind you deserve. Schedule an appointment today by calling (304) 863-0042, or contact us online today for more information.

Termidor Termite Treatment System Rids Your Termite Problems

Exterminating termites requires quality equipment. That is why we do our quality termite extermination work with the Termidor Termite Treatment System. This is perfect for getting rid of Formosan Subterranean and Drywood Termites among others.
Our experts put down a liquid dilution on the foundation and walls of your home. That helps us take care of your home inside and out. You deserve to feel safe in your home all year-long – free from termite stress. Let us handle your termite problems for a safer home. Our pest control company provides emergency services if you need us right away.

Our Experienced Exterminator Provides Tips to Keep Termites Away

Seckman Pest Control LLC relies on our experience and knowledge of termites to get rid of them. Our exterminator can also provide tips for homeowners to discourage termites from continuing to nest on your property. Some of our tips include:
  • > Move wood piles and other wood debris away from your home.
  • > You can make sure mulch is never deeper than three inches, and replace decaying mulch every year.
  • > Avoid leaving tree stumps in the ground when you chop down large trees. The decaying wood will likely attract termites.
  • > Make sure your gutters are not leaking and your soil drains well. Termites love moisture.
When you need termite extermination in Washington, WV, count Seckman Pest Control LLC.