Pest Control

for Williamstown, WV and all of Wood County

Seckman Pest Control LLC Prevents Ants from Taking Over

At Seckman Pest Control LLC, we provide thorough and successful pest control for Williamstown, WV and all of Wood County. We serve homeowners, landlords, and businesses. Ants can enter your home through cracks, holes, and gaps in your home’s exterior. The kitchen is also an ideal spot as these pests are attracted to food and moisture. While they are not disease-bearing insects, ants may carry bacteria, and contaminate your food. It is best to call our exterminators at (304) 863-0042 to eliminate ant infestation or other unwelcome visitors, including:
  • · Wasps
  • · Gnats
  • · Indian Mill Moths
  • · Box Elder Bogs
  • · Ticks
  • · Deer Mice
  • · House Mice
  • · Rats
  • And More!

Stop Carpenter Ants From Causing Significant Structural Damage

Carpenter ants grow to sizes of 0.3 inches to an inch. They can infest wooden buildings and structures, and cause significant structural damage. Carpenter ants can damage your walls, door frames, porches, decks, and other wood structures. They take up residence outside, where they cut into the wood to form their nests. If they are around, you might hear a rustling sound as they gnaw through your wooden structure. The technicians at Seckman Pest Control LLC get rid of the colonies, and offer solutions to prevent more from appearing.

Our Exterminator Helps You Combat a Wide Array of Ant Species

Seckman Pest Control LLC serves homeowners and businesses with ant control in Williamstown, WV. We have been helping customers clear their homes of ants and other insects since 2003. Our technician can also educate you on how to prevent these pests from infesting your home. We exterminate carpenter ants, pavement ants, little black ants, Allegheny mound ants, odorous house ants, and other ant species.
Contact us when you need ant control for Williamstown, WV, and all of Wood County.