Pest Control

in Pleasants County, WV

Stop the Bees from Stinging You with Seckman Pest Control

For pest control in St. Marys, WV and all of Pleasants County, count on Seckman Pest Control LLC. No one likes to get stung by bees. Bees have a habit of nesting in concrete foundations outside of homes, near garages, fence posts, and under porches. Bees can be extremely troubling for homeowners since you cannot avoid leaving your home or coming back into it. However, with Seckman Pest Control LLC, you can be in control of the bee population around your home. Call us at (304) 863-0042 for help with troublesome bees and other pests, including:
  • · Wasps
  • · Gnats
  • · Indian Mill Moths
  • · Box Elder Bogs
  • · Ticks
  • · Deer Mice
  • · House Mice
  • · Rats
  • And More!

Allow Us to Handle the Bees in Your St. Marys, WV, Location

Controlling your bee problem in St. Marys, WV, can be tricky. There is a wide array of bee species, and they have different habits and behaviors. Unlike our approach with other pests, Seckman Pest Control LLC does not kill bees. Bees are good for the ecosystem, and some species are even endangered. Before you make a mistake and burn, blow up, or poison that beehive around your home, call our team. Our technician has the expertise to safely remove bees from the property.

Call Our Team in a Bee Control Emergency in Belmont, WV

Our bee experts know bees can be a nuisance when they nest too close to your home or business in Belmont, WV. If you stumble across a hive, or accidently knock it down, you could get stung. Bee stings can be painful, and many people are allergic to bee stings. If the bees become a problem, or if they infiltrate your home, do not wait to call Seckman Pest Control LLC. We offer emergency pest control services for just that kind of situation.
Contact Seckman Pest Control LLC for our dependable pest control for St. Marys, WV and all of Pleasants County.